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Mathison’s signature teashade glasses and casual confidence make you feel a bit cooler just for knowing her. Raised in a creative home, her dad (a stone sculptor and illustrator) and her mom (a landscape designer) encouraged Mathison to pursue her passions from an early age, ultimately leading her to graduate with a dual degree in film and advertising from the University of Colorado. Ma-tee-son (now you’ve got it!) first found her footing at Futuristic as a summer intern where she seamlessly became part of both our production and post teams. After graduation she worked at Fulframe Digital Agency before rejoining the Futuristic team, fusing her strategic and creative strengths as both an assistant post producer and editor. If you want to bring a smile to Mathison’s face, give her a big bag of bbq Kettle chips, or ask her to share stories about living in Sevilla.